Phenomenal Moms

Seeks to authentically engage parents, honor and value their voices; while shifting the belief and practice among policy makers of not valuing and honoring parent voice, experience and expertise.  We seek equity by working in collaboration with schools & districts, community partners and other stakeholders to help reduce the educational, social and economic opportunity  gaps, by increasing engagement and involvement in schools and community among parents and families of color. 

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Empowerment Training

The main objectives of the Phenomenal Moms Parent Empowerment workshop include:

(1) Increasing parent ability to become more empowered within schools [We define empowered as the ability to advocate for programs, and school experiences for their children and other children within schools].

(2) Increasing parent capacity to understanding educational data and academic expectations.

(3) Increasing parent’s ability to handle the adaptive challenges of schooling.

To achieve these goals, parents will take part in 4 interactive workshops focused on utilizing our voice as a vehicle of change, and feel empowered to contribute our own expertise to further our children’s schooling.

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