Phenomenal Moms

 Seeks equity by working in collaboration with schools & districts, community partners and other stakeholders to help reduce the educational, social and economic opportunity and achievement gaps, by increasing engagement and involvement in schools and community among parents and families of color, immigrant families, families who receive special education services, and other targeted neighborhoods and populations

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Description of the event:
Every Summer Children who don't spend time learning and maintaining skills gained during the school year experience summer learning loss. This is a major contributor to the gap in academic achievement between lower and higher income youth and one of the strongest contributors to the high school dropout rate.  Join us as we  learn ways to combat Summer learning loss and what resources & programs are available to help us.
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Summer Dreams Camp

Description of the event:
Summer Dreams Camp is a fun-filled four days of basketball, baseball, water activities, theater, and much more, while engaging in leadership, teamwork, and motivational learning activities, including reading and journaling. Summer Dreams is a one week program for middle school age boys from Boston Public Schools focused on developing and strengthening the young men’s character. Summer Dreams campers are provided travel from Boston to Maine and back. The Summer Dreams Camp is free to all Boston Public Schools students and families.

Empowerment Training

The main objectives of the Phenomenal Moms Parent Empowerment workshop include:

(1) Increasing parent ability to become more empowered within schools [We define empowered as the ability to advocate for programs, and school experiences for their children and other children within schools].

(2) Increasing parent capacity to understanding educational data and academic expectations.

(3) Increasing parent’s ability to handle the adaptive challenges of schooling.  

To achieve these goals, parents will take part in 4 interactive workshops focused on utilizing our voice as a vehicle of change, and feel empowered to contribute our own expertise to further our children’s schooling.

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